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Subject: Planets in the solar system and wobbling of our sun (repost)

Date: Fri Aug 25 01:12:50 2000
Posted by Kevin
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I probably should have put a better explaination in the question. If I have 
trouble with problems Igo to help sessions. I was looking up various sites 
about the detection methods for finding extrasolar planets and saw many of 
them referred the old way of finding out whether a star had planets or not 
was by if it "wobbles" or there are noticeable changes in the lumenicity. I 
figured that if it could be done to other star systems to find planets, 
that it could be done to our own. I chose the sun and jupiter as the two 
bodies involved, since jupiter would have the most notice
able effects on the sun. I was mainly curious to just how much our sun 
wobbled! When looking through the sites, I could never find exactly how 
perform this, could you help?


Re: Planets in the solar system and wobbling of our sun (repost)

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