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Re: What moves faster than light in order for light to exist?

Date: Sun Sep 17 16:14:02 2000
Posted By: Sidney Chivers, , Nuclear Engineering, retired
Area of science: Physics
ID: 968972777.Ph

Nothing moves travels faster than light, in a sense.  Consider, for instance, 
the following answer available in the MadSci archives;

At the forementioned site, mention is made that for some short period of time 
immediately following the big bang, the universe may have expanded at a rate 
faster than the speed of light.

In this next site, also from the MadSci archives, shadows that appear to move 
faster than light are discussed;

Yet another answer in the MadSci archives discusses 'warp speed';

Finally, with regard to the part of your question concerned with photons of 
light being dependent upon other particles moving faster than the speed of 
light, I recommend the following answer from the MadSci archives which 
addresses the same issue in terms relativity.

I hope these references help.  If not please MadSci another question.

Thanks for your question.


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