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Re: Where can I find a list of the safe amount of bacteria colonies in bathroom

Date: Wed Sep 20 12:56:13 2000
Posted By: Steven Korenstein, Grad student, Environmental/Occupational Health, Cal. State Un. Northridge
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 969308798.Gb


Unfortunatly I am not aware of any regulations for bacteria on surfaces in 
a school bathroom.  The only guildlines I know of come from a book 
called "Environmental Engineering and Sanitation" by J. Salvato ( you 
should be able to find it at a university library). This book is a 
standard referance for environmental profesionals.  In here it says that 
for an area near food preparation ( I suppose this could include 
bathrooms) there should be no more then 12 1/2 colonies per square inch of 

I hope this is helpful.

Steven Korenstein

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