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Re: how is penicillium grown or harvested

Date: Mon Sep 4 08:34:17 2000
Posted By: Sotiris Michaleas, Post-doc/Fellow, Pharmaceutical Biomedical Analysis, University of Athens
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 966649785.Mi

Biotechnological production of penicillin
Penicillium is harvested in a bioreactor in order to produce penicillin. 
The media of the culture is enriched with glucose, various salts and soya 
protein as a  nitrogen source. A small quantity of the mucus is then added 
in the media and is left to grow for a few days (nutrituous media is 
continuously  added culture). When the biomass of the culture is 
sufficient (depends on the scale of th production) the glucose levels of 
the media are reduced. The reduction of the glucose levels promote the 
production of penicillin. The whole process can last up to 20 days or more 
and provide large amounts of penicillin.

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