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Re: How do I make clay?

Date: Tue Sep 26 12:21:14 2000
Posted By: Charles McClaugherty, Faculty, Environmental Science (Ecology), Mount Union College
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 968885877.Ch

Clay is not really made by people.  It is a group of minerals that are 
found in the soil and other deposits. It ususally occurs as a very fine 
textured substance which gives it its sticky properties. There are many 
different kinds of clay and not all will make good building material. The 
indigenous peoples would have used natural depostis of clay, moistened with 
water to make it workable and  then possible added straw or other fibrous 
material to act as a binder and keep it strong.  You may be able to find 
some clay if you cantact a brick manufacturing company in your area.  
Explain to them what you are doing and they may give you some of the clay 
that they use to make bricks.  

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