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Subject: What is the spin of the higgsino? And what is it's ang. momentum?

Date: Tue Sep 5 15:33:20 2000
Posted by Willian Arthur Brigham
Grade level: nonaligned School: self-educated
City: columbus State/Province: ohio Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 968182400.Ph

If supersymmetric particles have a half spin less than the original 
particle, does the higgsino have a negative half spin? Also, by the 
equation L^2=p^2s(s+1)( where p=planck's constant, L=angular momentum )
If it did have a negative half spin then, L^2=p^2/-4, and thus L=p/4i...?
Giving this fermion -4pi angular momentum. It is also interesting to note 
that the spin factor used in calculating the momentum of bosons is equal 
to the sum of consecutive even integers. (s(s+1)=0,2,6,12,20,30,etc.) 
Whilst the factor used for fermions are consecutive odds(squares), but 
minus 1/4,(s(s+1)=0-1/4, 1-1/4, 4-1/4, 9-1/4, 16-1/4) Thanks!!! :)

Re: What is the spin of the higgsino? And what is it's ang. momentum?

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