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Re: Instrument that can detect and trace the source of microwave

Date: Fri Sep 29 12:36:21 2000
Posted By: Edward Peterson, Staff, Chemical Engineering, S&B Engineers and Constructors
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 967950563.Eg


I have used several instruments to detect microwave energy.  In the 
laboratory, I have used a Holladay Corporation meter to detect the power 
level of microwave energy to make sure that I was not exposed to unsafe 
levels of microwave energy.  These are not directional meters, however.  
These are inexpensive tools that are also used to detect leakage of 
microwave power from microwave ovens.

I have also used instruments that specialize in detecting the frequency of 
high frequency energy being emitted by a source.  The number reported is 
that of the strongest signal.  It does not report, power or direction, 

I know that CPI corporation in Palo Alto, California, manufactures 
directional microwave detectors that can find very low power levels, but 
only the U.S. government can even own these.  However, they might let you 
know some of the basics of how theri equipment works.  They cost millions 
of dollars.

If you need more specific information, please email me at, or submit a followup question to Mad Scientist.

Good Luck,

Dr. Edward Peterson, PhD, P.E.

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