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Re: What are some good websites for researching government policy on cloning?

Date: Mon Oct 9 15:53:25 2000
Posted By: Sarah Tegen, Grad student, Molecular and Cell Biology, UC-Berkeley
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 971110776.Ge

Hi Jason,
So first of all, I'm not going to find the exact references for your paper.  
That's your job.  But I do know of a bunch of good websites to get you 

And here they are:  This is the part of the website for the 
National Institutes of Health.  They are the major government funded agency 
for biology research, and also act as a liason to congress.  (check out 
their biotechnology section)  The Whitehouse Office of 
Science and Technology Policy is the executive branch's science policy arm.  
This website talks the publications and congressional testimony dealing with 
science.  The House and Senate each have 
science committees.  Another good source of info.  The American Association for the Advancement of 
Science is a huge organization of scientists from all disciplines, and they 
also help in making US science policy

Some things you might want to consider:  there was a lot in the news in Aug 
99 about cloning, since this was when human stem cells were first isolated.  
So if you find information from that time period, it's probably about the 
correct stuff.

Good luck with your paper!  Please let me know if you need more information.


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