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Re: Can you recommend a program to develop a photo of me with a celebrity

Date: Tue Oct 10 09:22:29 2000
Posted By: Todd Jamison, Staff, Image Science, Observera, Inc.
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 970961767.Cs

I'm not really sure what you mean by develop, but let me make an assumption 
and try to answer your question.  I assume that you mean you are looking for 
a software application (program) that can be used to create (develop) a 
realistic picture of you along with a celebrity.  For this, I would 
recommend Adobe Photoshop, although other programs are available.  Get a 
picture of yourself in an environment of your choice.  Scan the picture into 
your computer.  Then get a picture of your celebrity of choice and also scan 
it into your computer.  Import both photos into Photoshop and open them in 
the application.  Use the picture of you as the base picture.  Use the lasso 
tool in Photoshop to encircle the celebrity as closely as you can to his/her 
outline.  The options for the lasso allow you to set a "fuzziness" at the 
edges of the cutout to make it appear more realistic.  Now cut out the 
celebrity and paste it into the base 
picture.  It will automatically paste into a different layer.  Now use the 
Transform menu to adjust the size (scale) of the celebrity's image to the 
same scale as in your base picture.  This way, the celebrity will have the 
correct height for your base picture and will look more realistic.  You may 
also want to adjust the 
brightness, contrast, and color to more accurately match that of the base 
picture.  Then print to a high quality color printer with glossy 
paper (available at office supply stores, like Staples or Office Depot).  Of 
course, you should do a test print on regular paper first to see 
how it looks.  

Good luck, 
Todd Jamison
PS You can check out Photoshop at

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