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Subject: Where can I find a small hand held transmitter with at least 1000 ft range?

Date: Sun Oct 1 21:15:51 2000
Posted by Michael (jetman)
Grade level: No grade entered. School: project at home
City: Miami State/Province: Florida Country: US
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 970449351.Eg

I need a small transmitter that could trigger a switch such as a 
solenoid...servo etc.
I fly model radio controlled aircraft and am aware of various 'traditional 
 Example: I want a separate transmitter to activate a switch to open the 
hatch. I know transmitters have many channels for such a task....BUT, I 
want a separate device to activate a switch,
The criteria is: 
1. Transmitter must be a separate unit from the one I'm flying the model 
2. Transmitter needs to be  as small as possible...(small enough to clip 
on my belt.)
3. must have similar range (100'- 1000' ft) I don't need the full range 
that most transmitters have..which is more than a mile I'm sure...just a 
range that could reach the model in flight.
Example:  Some cars have a transmitter to 'pop' open the trunk.  the range 
is small, however.

I need the transmitter to function a switch only once per flight!
Michael Roberts

Re: Where can I find a small hand held transmitter with at least 1000 ft range?

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