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Subject: KT event/Volcanic Eruption relation 65 million years ago???

Date: Fri Oct 13 11:02:24 2000
Posted by Peter Nomikos
Grade level: nonaligned School: Greenville County Building Standards
City: Greenville State/Province: SC Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 971449344.Es

Anyone know if there is any relationship between the asteriod impact in 
the Yucatan and the volcanic eruptions in the Indian subcontinent 65 
million years ago?  Paleontologist point to one or the other event as the 
cause of the mass extinction, but if the eruptions were triggered by the 
asteriod impact, then both sides are right.  Any thoughts???

Re: KT event/Volcanic Eruption relation 65 million years ago???

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