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Subject: What theorys do scientists have on breaking codes?

Date: Sat Oct 7 15:02:33 2000
Posted by Arielle
Grade level: 4-6 School: Mattlin
City: Old Bethpage State/Province: N.Y. Country: U.S.
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 970945353.Cs

 Hi, I am doing a project on codes and theorys scientists have on breaking 
codes. I don't exactly need inforation on codes, but as a scientist or other 
scientists that you know, what theorys do you and other scientists have on 
breaking codes? I just need codes, because this topic has nothing to with 
the other topic that is similar to codes which is cyphers. If you cannot 
give me theorys on how scientist have breaken codes or have tried to break 
codes, please give me an email address on someone that can help me. Thank 
you very much!

Re: What theorys do scientists have on breaking codes?

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