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Subject: How does lime neutralize the odors of decaying carcasses?

Date: Wed Aug 30 23:21:43 2000
Posted by Nanette Chastine
Grade level: undergrad School: Clayton College & State University
City: Morrow State/Province: GA Country: USA
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 967692103.Bc

I am currently a junior in a BS in Applied Biology program at Clayton 
College and State University in Morrow, GA.  I have completed a year each 
of biology, and general, inorganic, and organic chemistry, and I am 
currently in an Environmental Chemistry class.  In my enviro. chem. class 
today, we were discussing nitrosoamines, their environmental hazards, and 
their characteristic odor.  I asked my professor how common garden lime 
can neutralize the odors of both decaying animal carcasses, and of urine 
in horse stalls, when applied in sufficient quantities to cover the area 
in question.  My professor had no answer right off the top of her head, 
and asked me to research the answer.  Any suggestions or information on 
this would be of great interest.  Thank you for you time.  Nanette Chastine

Re: How does lime neutralize the odors of decaying carcasses?

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