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Re: What does a flame holder do in a ramjet engine?

Date: Fri Oct 20 12:14:10 2000
Posted By: Dennis K. Van Gemert, Engineer/Scientist, Expendable Launch Systems
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 971390897.Eg

A ramjet is similar to a jet engine with the compressor removed.  
Supersonic flight provides enough compression that a compressor is not 
needed.  Please make note that a ramjet engine will not provide static 
thrust, and thus will not accelerate a vehicle from a standing position.  
It is best suited for supersonic flight between Mach 3.5 and Mach 6.  At 
Mach 6 a scramjet is necessary.  And finally, the purpose of the 
flameholder is to stabilize the flame.  The fuel injector does the mixing.


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