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Re: How do you compute for the no. of turns of wire in a motor to get the rpm?

Date: Mon Oct 23 10:50:55 2000
Posted By: Michael L. Roginsky, Staff, Avionics, Honeywell Defense Avionics
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 967778066.Eg

Hello Gino: There is no formula I know that relates the number of turns of 
wire to motor rpm and torque. The speed depends also on the number of 
poles, how the motor is wound, the type of magnets used in the armature, 
etc. I collected a number of sites on the Internet that might offer some 
clues to solve your problem:,5716,108542+17+106043,00.html

Keeps in mind that motors are designed for a specific speed and might not 
withstand large amount of overspeed. Although this is a 3-volt toy motor, 
29,000 rpm may exceed its structural capacity. Use caution and eye 
Your MAD.SCI Micro.

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