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Re: How does the shape of a building affect the wind currents around it?

Date: Mon Oct 30 11:06:59 2000
Posted By: Kenneth Chivers, Grad student, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, In school for MBA:Management of Information Systems, NAWCAD, Lakehurst, NJ
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 971200966.Eg

Excellent project, Bill! To help you understand the affects of buildings on wind currents, picture this simple example. You're in a rush at school to get from that 4th period class to the lunch line. You're not the only kid in the hall, and there are big adults(teachers) in your way too! You have to make small course changes, avoiding the kids and teachers, while ensuring you get to the lunch line first! The wind acts in much the same manner, although it may have more complex reasons and motivations, it still wants to get somewhere in the quickest way possible, and there are always obstacles, big and small, on the ground and in its way. An excellent resource on the web can be found right here! Have fun and remember to think of simple examples that will help you grasp the more abstract and complicated issues in science. Ken

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