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Re: How do you convert horse power to thrust from a jet engine

Date: Mon Oct 30 10:39:16 2000
Posted By: Kenneth Chivers, Grad student, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, In school for MBA:Management of Information Systems, NAWCAD, Lakehurst, NJ
Area of science: Engineering
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I had to dig out some references for this one.  Unfortunately, one can't 
use a simple expression to convert the horsepower of an engine to the 
thrust it generates.  

One has to understand the inner characteristics of the engine as well.  
For instance, if we assume a laminar and incompressible flow-constant air 
density and a straight, "non-bumpy", flow-then you just have to know the 
pressure at the back/exit and front of the engine and the velocity of the 
flow at the front and the back/exit of the engine.

Thrust equation
Thrust = flow-rate or the ammount of air ingested and spit out the back of 
the engine per second.

Thrust=Power of the engine devided by the work done on the air within the 

If you know how much work the engines performs to pull the air, and if you 
know the power generated by the engine, then you can easily find out how 
much thrust the engine is capable of producing.  Any hydro-dynamics text 
book or reference should be able to illustrate this further.

Remember though that this simple equation assumes the best conditions.  

Thank you for the question, good hunting!


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