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Re: is there any correlation between eye color and eye sight

Date: Mon Oct 30 00:20:02 2000
Posted By: Kenton McWilliams, O.D., Optometrist
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 972663539.Gb

Hi Audrey:

     As far as I know, there is no direct correlation between eye color 
and your refractive status of eye (whether you are nearsighted, 
farsighted, or neither).  People with any eye color can have any vision 
disorder as well as be succeptible to eye disease. They can also be 
correctable with glasses, contacts, and refractive surgery to see as well 
as anybody with "normal" vision.
     The darker your eyes (color of eye comes from amount of pigment in 
the iris) however, the more pigment you have in the eye that can 
potentially cause certain eye diseases.  Some races have a higher 
proportion of darker eyes and also have a higher incidence of certain eye 
diseases.  And people with lighter eyes can also be more predisposed to 
acquire other types of eye diseases.  
     It is thought that the more pigment you have in your iris (thus a 
darker eye), the more protection you have to the internal structures of 
your eye by serving as protection against UV light.  This can provide 
protection against certain eye diseases to those people with more than 
average sunlight exposure.
     I hope this helps and good luck!

Kenton L. McWilliams, O.D.

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