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Re: How is Cheez Whiz made?

Date: Mon Oct 30 15:33:09 2000
Posted By: Elia Richard Shehady, Grad student, Food Science/Microbiology, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 972863705.Ch

Funny you should ask as I am a Food Scientist for Kraft Foods, the maker 
of Cheez Whiz. Without giving away proprietary information, Cheez Whiz is 
a processed cheese which is made from excess trimmings of natural cheese. 
These trimmings are placed into a very very large blender along with some 
salt to emulsify or soften the cheese, some colors, and preservatives. 
This is all heated up and blended and them sent to a packaging machine 
where it is filled into jars while still warm and sealed aeseptically to 
prevent bacterial contamination or spoilage. Enjoy!!!

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