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Re: Why was a colony of ants evacuating to a new location, carrying others....

Date: Fri Nov 3 19:36:50 2000
Posted By: Rob Campbell, Oceanography, University of British Columbia
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 972769977.Zo

Hi Collin:

Ants will relocate a colony for a couple of reasons. If the location of the colony becomes uninhabitable (for instance, if someone nukes it with pesticide), it will pick up and move elsewhere. Also, when a colony becomes too large, it will sometimes "split" with part of the original colony moving on to start a new one somewhere else.
Here's a couple of links with tons of ant facts:

  • Ants from Orkin (a pest control company)
  • Ants from the Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Hope that helps!
    Rob Campbell, MAD Scientist

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