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Subject: more information on stroboscopes?

Date: Mon Oct 30 13:13:07 2000
Posted by Linda Calabro
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Area of science: Physics
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        Thank you for your informative site on stroboscopes, but I need a 
more instruction for a project I would like to do since I have never
used a stroboscope before.
        Recently,I inherited an electric stroboscope with a dial that 
the flashes per second. I would like to take a photograph of a droplet
of milk as it falls and hits a plate.
        1. How would I do this using the stroboscope and camera? How must 
camera and strobscope be linked to photograph the motion?

        2. How would I determine the proper frequency of flashes needed?

I sincerely apprectiate any answers or links you can provide to help me
carry out this project.


Re: more information on stroboscopes?

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