MadSci Network: Immunology

Re: Is there a method for biassing towards IgG in mAb production

Date: Mon Nov 6 15:47:56 2000
Posted By: Peter Burrows, Faculty, Microbiology
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 971719289.Im

Probably the best way to bias toward IgG production is to hyperimmunize 
subcutaneously and to use draining lymph nodes rather than spleens for 
fusion.  The first injection (50-100 microliters) should be in Complete 
Freund’s Adjuvant subcutaneously near the hind feet.  Four subsequent 
injections (50-100 ul) are given subq. in PBS.  Fuse one day after the 
last injection.  Do not use peak serum antibody titers as a guide for when 
to fuse – studies have shown that dividing cells fuse preferentially.  The 
antibody-secreting plasma cells are non-dividing.
Dissect the draining lymph nodes, which will be fairly large because of 
the CFA stimulation.  

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