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Re: When we get 'growing'pains, is it really because we are growing??

Date: Mon Nov 6 10:11:17 2000
Posted By: Lillian Mundt, Faculty, Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 973136618.An

I will need some time to find a reference for this.
When my children were small they had foot growing pains.
The doctor prescribed a dietary suppliment similar to what we have 
available today as glucosamine sulfate with calcium.

That experience leads me to believe that either the muscles are growing 
faster than bone or visa versa.  If the muscles grow faster than bone, the 
tendons connected to them will "pull" on the bone.  If bone grows faster 
than muscle the muscle is being "stretched" too far too soon.  Either of 
these would cause discomfort and maybe pain in specific areas (where the 
muscles are connected to the bones).

I will try to find some medical writings to back up my thoughts on this.

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