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Subject: General questions on electrolysis of water

Date: Sat Oct 21 17:10:39 2000
Posted by Ari (pronounced like Larry with no L)
Grade level: 10-12 School: Westwood HS
City: Austin State/Province: TX Country: US de A
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 972162639.Ch

	I am trying to perform a rather complex experiment involving the 
electrolysis of water.  But, I need more info. about it.  I was somewhat 
able to find the answers to a few in your Archives, but I'm not sure how 
each of these factors  would work together in my experiment.
	First, I need to know how much electricity it takes to split 
water.  I know the basic chemical equation, but I don't know how much 
electricity is actually needed.  I don't know how this is measured, I 
suppose in joules per gram or joules per mole or something like that.
	Also, how does the amount of electricity needed vary with pressure 
on the water (especially high pressure)? with content of the electrolyte?
	Also, which common household items or items you could buy at a 
hardware store or something could be used in electrolysis, besides NaCl?  
would baking soda work?  And are there any substances that can act as 
catalysts rather than products?  NaCl seems to be split as well when used 
in electrolysis.
	Thank you very much for taking the time to answer any of these 

Re: General questions on electrolysis of water

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