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Re: is there any relationship between our diet and our emotions?

Date: Fri Nov 10 16:32:00 2000
Posted By: Gil Stoewsand, Faculty, Food Science & Technology, Cornell University
Area of science: Other
ID: 973618421.Ot

There are what are called "psychoactive substances" in certain foods. Their 
effect is on our central nervous system and generally are classified as 
stimulants, depressants, or hallucinogens. These effects are dose-related 
meaning that only when the intake is high enough for individuals will they 
then exhibit any of these CNS effects.  Caffeine, present in coffee, tea, 
cocoa and cola drinks, is a widely used food stimulant. A depressant is 
ethyl alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are a source of calories and are usually 
classed as a food. Certain yams contain an alkaloid that is a depressant.A 
hallucinogenic food that is present in nearly every home is nutmeg. About 
5-15 grams will produce europhia and a dreamlike feeling.It also has some 
very unpleasant side effects including abdominal pain.A number of mushrooms 
contain various indole compounds that are hallucinogens, e.g. Mexican 
mushrooms and fly agaric. Other plants that are used as food/drugs by many 
Indian people, African tribes, etc. contain numerous psychoactive 

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