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Subject: Conversion Factors are killing my grade, can you help?

Date: Thu Nov 2 19:34:41 2000
Posted by Sarah
Grade level: 10-12 School: Mesa Ridge High School
City: Widefield State/Province: CO Country: U.S.A.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 973211681.Ch

OK, i'm having a terrible time in chemistry because of these darn 
conversion factors.  Everything we are doing now i am confused at because 
i don't quite understand conversion factors.  A problem such as this: What 
is the volume in cubic centimeters, of a sample of cough syrup thath has a 
mass of 50.0 grams? The density of cough syrup is 0.950g/cm cubed. All 
these word problems are confusing me.  Also Dimendional Analysis.  I have 
problems by not knowing how to get the equation.  Could you help me with 
that as well?  Thank you much. 

Re: Conversion Factors are killing my grade, can you help?

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