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Re: A tunnel from one side of the Earth getting to the bottom of an ocean

Date: Thu Nov 16 18:32:43 2000
Posted By: Renafaye Norby, Faculty, Science Education, Black Hills State Univ.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 974343159.Ph

I believe that the water would flow into the tunnel with a changing 
acceleration due to gravity based on the earth's mass "above" it and the 
amount of the earth's mass "below" it, until it reached the middle of the 
earth, at which time it would slow down because more earth's mass would be 
pulling on the water from the side which it just left. As the water slowed 
down, I would predict that the water would oscillate back and forth in the 
tunnel, due to the earth's mass pulling away from the direction of motion 
of the water, similar to the behavior of a pendulum when its oscillation 
starts away from 
the center of its cycle.

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