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Re: Does the type of light effect the growth of Narcissus bulbs?

Date: Fri Nov 17 23:47:23 2000
Posted By: David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 974482659.Bt

Rest of Question: 

I would like to know if certain types of light sources  (i.e., natural, 
artificial, or no light) are beter for growing plants.


Bulbs may have enough stored nutrients to allow them to bloom without any 
light, however, without light the leaves and stems would be long and thin and 
lack chlorophyll. The stem might topple over. 

Artificial light (more correctly termed electric light) can have effects based 
on the amount of light provided, the light quality or color, and the duration. 
Some electric lights can damage plants because of the heat they produce.  
Incandescent lamps have about one third the intensity of fluorescent lights of 
the same wattage. Incandescent lamps also have much more far red and tend to 
make plants grow taller than standard cool white fluorescents. Specially 
designed lamps for plants such as Gro Lights have generally been found not to 
give greater plant growth but may improve plant colors to our eyes. 

You should be able to do some interesting experiments with light and flower 

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