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Subject: Is it possible some marine life is more intelligent?

Date: Fri Nov 3 15:34:26 2000
Posted by Maat
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Evolving from(in a sense) a different "world".Is it possible mammals like 
dolphins and killer whales have a much more keen and pure sense of what 
pure conciousness would be.In their communication its not like ours but 
that does not mean it is any less developed.Using frequencies as language 
would seem a lot more complex yet primitive.Where as in humans we have 
physical mannerisms along with drawn out sentences to make even a small 
point in most cases.We dont know the full extent of what life in a 
different conditions would think like if we don't know their language 
fully.Dr.Lilly experimented quite a lot with some of these topics and came 
to some interesting conclusions about dolphins,but usually he seems to be 
discounted in the scientific community as a quack just because he used 
etheogens and invented the Sensory deprivation tank.Which i think used in 
controlled situations both would increase intelligence and perception,but 
thats another theory.I also know the military uses some of these dolphins 
for warfare tactics,but thats also another thing too.

yes.The communication and language input was to compare the more intelligent
evolved animals use complex communication.All of the frequency signals marine
mammals use might be evolved past spoken verbal communication.Kind of like if
used "a:" to represent everything i just said in this paragraph.One of their
sound pitches could be saying a multitude of different things at the same
time.But yes the basic question is under the subject header.Thanks.


Re: Is it possible some marine life is more intelligent?
Evolving from(in a sense) a different 

Re: Is it possible some marine life is more intelligent?

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