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Re: Are some aspects of intelligence noncomputational?

Date: Fri Nov 24 15:21:13 2000
Posted By: David B. Hull, Ph.D., Faculty, CIS/TCM, DeVry Institute of Technology
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 970459917.Cs


Very interesting question.  I have always been
of the opinion that computers are like cars -
very efficient at what they are designed to do,
but not at all good at going over hurdles with
a human being. 

Dr. Howard Gardner has looked at human intelligence
carefully. He suggests many different forms of 
human intelligence. Several of these are non-
computational in the computer science sense!

So, yes human intelligence can be analog or even non

You might also read Goedel, Escher, Bach by
Hofstrader to get a better grasp of human and
Artificial Intelligence.


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