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Subject: What methods are there to test motor oil breakdown in a chemistry lab?

Date: Wed Nov 15 21:21:05 2000
Posted by Jonathan
Grade level: 10-12 School: Abington Heights High School
City: Clarks Summit State/Province: PA Country: United States
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 974341265.Ch

I am interested in an exracurricular project (Pennsylvania Junior Academy
of Science) dealing with testing motor oils, specifically break down of 
motor oils.  What I would like to accomplish in my experiment would be to 
prove which leading motor oil is the best for a car.  I am currently aware 
of five tests that can be done to test motor oil (viscosity, flash point, 
freezing point, percent sulfated ash, and percent zinc), and respectively 
how to carry out these tests.  What I am really interested in is finding 
anymore tests dealing with synthetically breaking down motor oil in an 
engine under normal usage in a car (3,000 miles), along with a procedure 
on how to carry out the test, that can be administered in a high school 
chemistry lab setting to help me answer my problem of my experiment.  Is 
there any test dealing with my topic that can be done in my lab settings?  
If so, how can it be done, what is materials are involved, and how time 
consuming is it?

Re: What methods are there to test motor oil breakdown in a chemistry lab?

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