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Subject: Induction of eddy currents in non magnetic metals

Date: Sat Nov 18 18:18:08 2000
Posted by John True
Grade level: 4-6 School: McKamy Middle School
City: Flower Mound State/Province: Texas Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 974589488.Eg

The device was a coil wound around an iron rod that was supplied with an 
alternating current. An aluminum puck was placed on the iron rod, and wnen 
AC current was applied, the puck would fly off of the rod. I would like to 
build a similar project to demonstrate induction in non magnetic substances.
Dad can't remember exactly how he built the project. It was a shop project 
in Riverside CA. My dad says that eddy currents introduced into the 
aluminium puck caused it to have a magnetic field opposite to the field in 
the coil and iron rod, causing it to be repelled and fly off. I would like 
to build one to experiment with. I would like to usa a 6 volt AC source for 
the coil.
Can you help?
Please reply to my dad's Email,

Thank you,
John True

Re: Induction of eddy currents in non magnetic metals

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