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Subject: How do receiving antennas work

Date: Fri Nov 10 11:32:15 2000
Posted by Howard Sobers, Jr.
Grade level: undergrad School: City College of New York
City: Far Rockaway State/Province: NY Country: US
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 973873935.Eg

I have been confused on this subject for a long time now. I'd like to know 
what happens in the antenna once it picks up the desired radiowave. I read 
in a book that it converts it into voltage and current. But they keep 
referring to this current and voltage as a signal. It seems as if this 
signal is physically different from the current that we see in DC or AC. 

Also, I'd like to know how much current and voltage is generated in the 
antenna. Thank you for your help. I hope that someone can be able to help 
me with my confusion.

Re: How do receiving antennas work

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