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Subject: VRD - Coming Ice Age and human created heat wave?

Date: Wed Nov 15 15:25:44 2000
Posted by Mary
Grade level: nonaligned School: No school entered.
City: Portland State/Province: OR Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 974319944.Es

In a number of essays Isaac Asimov wrote, he described how the current
continental position leads to ice ages in the Northern Hemisphere, and that
we are due for one in a thousand years or so.

Do you know of any research which might show that the current "heat wave"
we're having, which is certainly in part human induced, is preventing that
coming ice age?

I keep thinking.  Humans are so good at creating heat in whatever they do.
Heat is a form of energy, one especially useful in tackling a water-ice
bound moon, or a cold nearby planet.  How can that heat be creatively
trapped and used for good instead of evil?

Oops.  Sorry.  Two questions.  Answer whichever you choose and I'll try
working on the other.

Thank you.


Re: VRD - Coming Ice Age and human created heat wave?

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