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Subject: Follow-up question to Jani Rati

Date: Wed Nov 29 20:38:31 2000
Posted by Preecha
Grade level: teacher/prof School: KhonKaen University
City: KhonKaen State/Province: KhonKaen Country: Thailand
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 975548311.Mb

Dear Jani Rati,
Thank you very much for your answer.I presumed that my question was not 
very clear to you. What I really don't understand is why an E.coli cell can 
not take two different recombinant plasmids( same vector but different 
insert DNA). For example, when you transform E.coli with mixture of partial 
Sua3A fragments ligated to BamHI cut pUC18, an E.coli cell might take two 
or more of different recombinant pUC18 since we do not have any control 
over this taking-up event. So, when this E.coli cell grows into a colony, 
the plasmid(S) extracted from it should contain more than one kind. But 
that's not the case as you know. The question is why not? Very confusing to 
me since all the rec plasmids come from the same pUC18 with the same ori 
and same evrything. May be it's a dumb question but do help me.
Thank you very much in advance.
Preecha Homchampa
ID of the original question is 975327118.Mb  

Re: Follow-up question to Jani Rati

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