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Re: Which toy, a familiar one or a new one, will a child(2 years old) prefer?

Date: Mon Dec 4 14:43:27 2000
Posted By: Cynthia L. Park, Grad student, Cognitive Psychology, Florida Atlantic Universty
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 975518702.Ns

Dear Kevin,
You have a good scientific mind for a 9 year old.  The answer to your 
question will depend on many circumstances.  If the child is in a secure 
and comfortable environment that she is used to, she may prefer the novel 
(new) toy to the familiar one.  I would suggest that you run this test 
several times with different toys because results may vary according to 
the attributes of the toys.  Some new toys can be scary and others may be 
boring.  Do the test several times before you reach a conclusion and keep 
track of the attributes of the toys.  Good luck!

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