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Subject: How do i make the air colder using dry ice

Date: Wed Nov 22 06:18:45 2000
Posted by salis
Grade level: No grade entered. School: university of hertfordshire
City: london State/Province: No state entered. Country: england
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 974891925.Eg

    Hi as part of my final year project i am working with a team on the 
formula student SAE car. As part of the regulations we are limited to an 
air supply through a 20mm air restrictor, this is situated before the 
inlet manifold and after the throttle body. My aim is to get the incoming 
air as cold as possible (-100 degrees c) so that i can ram more air 
through the restrictor, creating a more better air/fuel mixing ratio.

So i am now looking into dry ice, i have been reading your web page and 
the sorts of things you can do with dry ice fun games, but nothing told me 
how i can make the air colder and once it has reached a certain 
temperature how do i maintain it..

It would be nice of you to get back to me or recommend any books that 
might help me with this....

Look forward to hear from you..

Salis Aamer
Final year student

PS My email address is
My mobile number is 07957 55 10 44

Re: How do i make the air colder using dry ice

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