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Re: what are some ways that humans use plants that is unusual?

Date: Tue Dec 12 14:06:51 2000
Posted By: Richard Kingsley, Science teacher
Area of science: Botany
ID: 976144497.Bt

Hi Alisson,

Here are some other ways to use plants:

Most medicines and hallucinogenic drugs  are derived from plant products.
Plants help conserve soil and may help increase the available water 
Plants fertilise the soil and help other food plants to provide more food.
Plants can be used to provide dyes and perfumes.
Plants can be used to make toys, musical instruments, boats, and other 
arts and crafts, etc.
Plants are used to provide shade.
Plants are used to make the surroundings more aesthetic.
Plants are used to provide paper and wood products.
Plants may provide water to desert people.
Plants provide a habitat for other organisms.
Some plants have leaves so rough that they can be used to scour pots.  
Other plants such as lufas.
provide us with natural body scrubbers.

Plants provide us with oil which can be used as lubricants (castor oil) 
and for soaps.  The oils from plants
can be polymerised to make plastics.

Plants provide natural insect repellents.
Plants are also used to make diapers and medical dressings.
If you think of any others, please email me and I will compile a list.

Richard Kingsley

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