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Subject: I want to know if my theory about monopoles is correct

Date: Mon Nov 27 11:58:17 2000
Posted by Gaby Mazzawi
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City: Tel-Aviv State/Province: No state entered. Country: Israel
Area of science: Physics
ID: 975344297.Ph

in my early studies in Electronics, I've learned that a moving particle 
causes a magnetic field. From this fact, I have learned how to develop the 
familiar equations related to inductors and even transformers. My question 
is as follows: Since a particle moving towards a magnetic probe makes one 
magnetic pole detectable, while moving away from it makes the other 
magnetic pole, then obviously the two poles MUST EXIT AT OPPOSITE SIDES OF 
THE PARTICLE ALONG ITS TRACK, meaning, back and forth have opposite 
polarities. Does that mean that monopoles cannot exist? In addition, I saw 
in your site many questions about a magnetic sphere made of magnets 
pointing with one polarity to the center of the sphere, and the other to 
the sphere's surface. People asked what would happen to the poles, if that 
does separate the two poles. Did anyone ever try to conduct that 

Re: I want to know if my theory about monopoles is correct

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