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Subject: What effect would DNA concentration have on E Coli Transformation?

Date: Mon Dec 11 18:00:26 2000
Posted by Timothy
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: Bensalem State/Province: PA Country: 19020
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 976575626.Mb

I have read that there exists a DNA saturation curve for the transformation 
of E Coli.  Depending upon how a cell is made competent, the optimal DNA 
concentration will change, and so will the DNA saturation curve.  I was 
wondering why there may exist too much DNA for the cells, if it is not that 
every cell does indeed accept the plasmid.  It seems logical that the more 
DNA there is the more E Coli cells would be transformed.  According to 
resources there is an optimal DNA saturating condition, and this seems to 
contradict natural belief that more is better.  Also, suppose one were to 
perfom an experiment using pAMP, pKAN, and 1:1 pAMP/pKAN solutions.  Would 
the cells would the curve of the double transformation solution (pAMP/pKAN) 
be similar to the only pAMP and only pKAN solution?  Or would the amount of 
double transformants increase dramatically at saturation levels of DNA.  I 
hope i provided enough information for you to answer my question.  Thank 

Re: What effect would DNA concentration have on E Coli Transformation?

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