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Re: is that hair is useless as we are evolved to have less hair?

Date: Fri Dec 15 12:54:48 2000
Posted By: Steve Marvell, Independent Researcher
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 976783981.Ev

This has been looked into before on MadSci Network.

As the answers says, there is much mystery in the origin of humans. I was
quite compelled by the concept that a mass of hair was not necessarily
needed in Africa, where man was said to have started.

Other than that, I can only suggest web searches of journals and the like.

In summary, I would have imagined that if hair was useful, we would not
have lost it as that would have been a genetic disadvantage. Having said
that, if the reason we lost the hair was due to some other, more
advantageous genetic mutation, then hair just lost the race, and the other
factor won.

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