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Subject: what is the meaning (exact defintion) of 'times come to an end'?

Date: Sun Dec 3 03:40:03 2000
Posted by Alex
Grade level: undergrad School: Simon Fraser University
City: Burnaby State/Province: BC Country: Canada
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 975832803.As

I have been interested in Physics and Astronomy since the first time I 
heard about blackhole in my age of 6.  Anyway, I was looking at all these 
pages about physics, then I got to Steven Hawking's homepage.  Then I think 
I saw a line saying something about "times come to an end" in his lecture 
notes.  Actually I have another question about Einstein's relativity, but 
it's too big to fit in the space above, so I just asked one question.

Re: what is the meaning (exact defintion) of 'times come to an end'?

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