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Subject: How does the time of day affect a person's memory?

Date: Wed Dec 6 19:20:56 2000
Posted by Daniel
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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To Reader:	
	My name is Daniel, and I am 13 years old.  In my science class we 
are starting our science fair projects, and I need some help on finding 
some answers to write my background research paper.  I chose my topic to 
be about memory.  My question is "What time of day do people have the best 
memory?"  I have started to research on this topic, and am having some 
trouble finding information on some areas of my topic.  If you have time 
could you help me with some of the questions that, I cannot find answers 
1.  How does the time of day affect your brain activity?

2.  How do sight and/or sound affect your memory?

3.  What is your opinion on my topic sentence? 
     (What time of day do people have the best memory?)

Those are the two questions that I am having trouble with.  If you could 
recommend some sights, or tell me what you know about it, it would be much 
appreciated.  I know you are very busy, but if you could, would you write 
back soon?  Thanks!


Re: How does the time of day affect a person's memory?

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