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Subject: have any earth-born meteorites been found?

Date: Thu Dec 14 01:36:38 2000
Posted by steve
Grade level: nonaligned School: individual, and curious
City: hudson State/Province: nh Country: usa
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 976775798.As

according to a recent nasa-johnson space flight center news release,
magnetite crystals have been found in the Martian meteorite "ALH84001".
this, according to the report, this suggests a primative life form existed
on Mars in the far past.   the report says there are 16 Martion meteorites
which have been found on Earths surface.  It would seem likely that there
are far more earth-born meteorites, some of which may contain early
signatures of life from home, yet we never hear of these in the media.


Re: have any earth-born meteorites been found?

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