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Subject: Cant fit it sorry!

Date: Tue Nov 28 20:31:47 2000
Posted by Anthony Markwort
Grade level: 10-12 School: Rochester High School
City: Rochester Hills State/Province: MI Country: USA
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 975461507.Ge

My Question is: If every human on the face of the earth has his own genes 
or dna combinations and it has been this way since the begining of time 
wont at some time in the future assuming the human race surrvives more 
than say a millon years or more we run out of new amuno acid combinations. 
My theory is based on the fact that there should be a finite number of 
possible combinations and even thoughthis number so great wouldn't we 
still at some point in the future run out of combinations producing a 
person with identical DNA ?  If there is a finite number could you please 
provide that also. Thanx  

Re: Cant fit it sorry!

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