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Subject: How can you inoculate Agrobacterium tumefaciens into a plant?

Date: Tue Dec 5 20:00:29 2000
Posted by Todd
Grade level: 7-9 School: Jefferson Junior High School
City: Columbia State/Province: MO Country: USA
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 976064429.Mi

I am doing a project for school about the effect of beta carotene on the 
prevention of cancer in plants.  However, very little information is 
provided in the madsci archive or even on the whole internet.  Could you 
please tell me how you can inoculate the Agrobacterium tumefaciens into a 
plant to create the "cancer", and also how you can give the plant beta 
carotene to try and prevent the cancer?  Will the Agrobacvterium 
tumefaciens work with all types of plants, or is there a specific type of 
plant that I should use?  Do you have any ideas on how to measure the 
cancer to see how the beta carotene affected it?  I know you do not like 
to answer questions about science projects, but it is so hard to find any 
information whatsoever on this topic that I would really appriciate it if 
you can help.  Thanks a lot.

Todd Gingrich

Re: How can you inoculate Agrobacterium tumefaciens into a plant?

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