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Re: What is the scientific name for a Border Collie (sheep dog)?

Date: Sat Dec 30 02:38:36 2000
Posted By: Eric Maass, Director, semiconductors / communication products
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 978147980.Gb

In classification systems (taxonomy), scientific names are provided for species and higher levels of classification. Border collie 
is a breed of dog - breeds of dogs do not have separate scientific names, but share the same name as a species. The
scientific name for domestic dogs is either canis familiaris or canis lupus familiaris (a subspecies of the wolf, canis lupus);
please see this previous related Mad Scientist answer.

You can find out more about the border collie breed of domestic dogs at websites like: The United States Border Collie Club or American Border Collie Network or the Wonderful World of Border Collies or Dog Owner's Guide: The Border Collie

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