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Re: CD play back speed?!

Date: Tue Jan 2 05:16:25 2001
Posted By: Bruno Putzeys, Staff, Electroacoustics and Analog Electronics, Philips ITCL
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 972930737.Cs


The playback speed of a CD is determined solely by a clock oscillator 
which times the outgoing samples at 44100 samples per second. The CD 
mechanism will speed up or slow down in order to maintain this data speed. 
So, CD rotation follows output data rate, not the other way round.
The precision of the clock oscillator should be correct within 400 parts 
per million for consumer grade equipment and 50 parts per million for 
professional equipment. However, some consumer devices have been marketed 
that saved a penny by substituting a "ceramic resonator" for the quartz 
crystal normally used, resulting in playback speed errors of up to a 

Kind regards


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