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Subject: How can I preserve my DNA?

Date: Sun Dec 17 15:27:01 2000
Posted by Dean
Grade level: 10-12 School: Diocesan College
City: Cape Town State/Province: Western Cape Country: South Africa
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 977084821.Mb

I understand that as we age, our DNA suffers cumulative and irreversible 
damage. It therefore seems sensible to preserve some of my DNA now, while 
I am still fairly young (17. With technology of the future I might one day 
be able to use this undamaged DNA for various types of gene therapy on my 
slowly decaying body. My question is: how may I most effectively preserve 
my DNA? Which type of tissue should I take; at what temperature should I 
store it; what other preservation measures are neccessary to prevent DNA 
damage? Keep in mind that I regard this as a project that I would like to 
carry out within a reasonable budget of money and time expenditure (i.e. 
I,m thinking of maybe a trip to the GP and a freezer, not a biopsy and a 
liquid-nitrogen storage facility).

Yours (for as long as possible)

Dean Peters

Re: How can I preserve my DNA?

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