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Re: What are the common types of bathroom mold and mildew?

Date: Mon Jan 8 11:49:05 2001
Posted By: Michael Curtis, MSES, President, CERL Environmental Consultants
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 974422860.Mi


Thanks for the question! It's one I get asked on the job quite frequently. There are many many types of molds/fungi (and filimentous bacteria) that can be found in bathrooms but the most common ones include the following:

Please note that the above colors and locations cannot be used to actually identify a mold/fungi that you may find. The locations and even the colors can change based on specific growth factors in the bathroom (ie: availibility of moisture, food source and temperature). Proper identification requires microscopic examination of a sample by an expert mycologist - at the very least. Additional testing including culturing and growing the mold in selective growth media; and, possibly DNA extraction and comparison. Some molds/fungi are easily identified under a microscope - others require extensive analysis.

For more information I would suggest that you visit the following sites: and/or

Both of these sites have considerable resources on-line and links to many others.

Again, thanks for your question. Stay curious!

Mike Curtis, MSES
CERL Environmental

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